What is VET-WEB

VET-WEB is an Erasmus+ capacity building project funded by the European Union thataims to improve managerial, organizational, pedagogical, communication, networking skills and competencies of theVocational Education and Training (VET)operators in the Western Balkans, in particular Albania and Montenegro.

The exchange withother VET institutions and organizations devoted to training and job placement of citizens, with consolidated experience from Programme countries is intended to promote, also through dynamics of two ways exchange, the construction of collaborative networks between public and private entities and to foster the ability of the VET ecosystem to respond to the actual needs of labour market.

What VET-WEB does


Stimulates the flow and exchange of knowledge between the vocational training system and labour market operators


Strengthens the capacity of VET providers to shareoperational flowswith public and private actors involved in active labour policies


Equips VET providers in the Western Balkans with relevant EU tools, frameworks and models to define a more personalised and relevant VET service offer


Improve the internal capacity (technical, managerial, operational) of VET in the WB

How is VET-WEB done


Mobility of staff of partnership organisations for the strengthening of managerial and management skills


Mobility of trainersfrom VET Balkans organisations to strengthen knowledge of European institutional and VET realities and practical testing of the application of pedagogical, communication, skills approaches and trainings and tools


Networking for the development of Balkans VET organisations and for the training and employability of fragile individuals from marginal and rural areas


Sharing of operational and strategic tools for capacity building


Events and conferences

The Achievement is organised by work package

Here, You can find the concrete results

D2.1 - Innovative 2-Way Cooperation Model for VET Organisations

The Innovative Cooperation Model consists of three elements which together provide a constructive approach to international cooperation in VET: 1) Collaboration Mission Statement (CMS) 2) Operational Commitment Statement (OCS) 3) Collaboration and Capacity Building Contract (CCB).

D2.2 - Governance Model for an Inclusive VET

A compendium in which the partners analysed tools and methodologies for a functional approach to the work area: mapping and methodologies of vocational education and training, processes, regulatory bodies and social services and inclusion, tools and practices, enterpreunership.

D2.3 - 10 Training & Tools to implement EU models, frameworks, tools

Training courses and tools to implement EU models, frameworks and tools (6 trainings + 5 tools) available also in mp4 format, as recorded learning material.

D2.4 - 5 Training & Tools to operationalise the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

5 Training & Tools to operationalise the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework;